Flavor FlavYou know your home theater technology booyyyyEEEE? Fo-shizzle.

If not, there are many resources that you can look to for advice that is trust worthy so that you can both trust and learn from. For many people, the easiest way to make your home theater system to work correctly is to hire a dealer but that's not who this site is really for. You want to know how to do it yourself. You want to make your Blu-ray player stream CinemaNow and play 1080p via HDMI. You want to use Digital Video Essentials disc to self-calibrate your plasma HDTV. You want to hang a LCD HDTV so close to the wall that it looks like you hired a professional. You want to install a 3D front video projector on a light rejecting screen outside by the pool. That's the kind of guy who looks to for help.

Where Do I Learn More About Home Theater and High Tech AV?

There are a number of good sites out there that are resources that can help you learn. Here's a list of ones we like. Education Page

This page has all of the terms you need to know, professionally written with images and charts. Need to know about 3:2 pulldown or the basics of HDMI 1.3b vs. HDMI 1.4? You've got your resource.'s Brands Page

There are hundreds and hundreds of audiophile and home theater brands. It can get overwhelming but this page gives you an insider's look at which ones are best. It's a solid resource.

This forum is known as the most friendly on the web. It's the perfect place for a newbie who wants to learn to ask anything from the most basic question to questions that can only be answered by the most expert users. This forum is the best one to get started with.

Other Good Home Theater Resources: